Sunday, 5 June 2011

Busy yesterday selling workshops... our local craft fair in Reigate (every first Saturday at the end of the High Street - come by next month if you're passing!). I met some lovely ladies in the "upstairs hall" (sounds a bit dodgy, now I've put it like that??) including Sara who makes beautiful bags and Tina who makes creative collages and Marieanne who makes very pleasing pottery. Hello if you're visiting!

I don't know whether I've mentioned, but I'm almost as keen on sharing crafty stuff as making crafty stuff, and I run all sorts of workshops at my home in Redhill:

  • Lampworking (making glass beads with a propane torch)

  • Silver Clay (making beads and charms out of a material that starts out like plasticine and ends up - like alchemy - as 99.9% pure silver)

  • Papercraft - including Stampin'Up! make-and-take workshops of course

  • Felting - make a corsage, beads or a seamless bag

  • Jewellery making - reviving old or broken jewellery, basic techniques and TIARAS
Fancy coming on one? They're inexpensive (they start at £10 and even the lampworking is only £29 for a morning). Doing a workshop together is an original and fun birthday present for a chum and a really good way of exploring new materials without the investment or risk of wasting precious materials. Do have a look at the details on my website. I organise these on demand, so if you would like a fun and relaxing time creating something you'll love, get in touch today.

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