Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Finished my "Purplicious"...

...necklace at last! Purple is my favourite colour; I love working with it and it goes so nicely with silver. I made all except the smallest beads myself on my torch, and the scrunchy bits in between the beads are chains made of sterling silver rings. Just for scale, the biggest bead is about 2cm across. I'll be putting it in my shop as soon as I have made some matching earrings. xx [Edited to add: oops, SOLD already!]
Would you like to learn how to make glass beads like these? Why not come on an "introduction to lampwork" workshop in Redhill? I take only two people at a time for a fun three hour workshop. You'll learn to make a basic bead, pull stringer, and apply decoration to the bead. You keep all the beads you make, any demo beads I make, and I'll make you a set of coordinating spacers as well.
All this for only £29 each! Call me to arrange a date - 01737 762078 or 07814 918232.

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