Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It's not an exaggeration...

... to say I'm passionate about recycling.

Much as I dread my trips to the local dump, I am very good about separating plastic, batteries, tetrapaks, you name it. Quite often I even come back with a little something (in the past, Laura Ashley curtains, a wicker log basket, two reams of A4 paper, wrapping paper, a small wooden table, a metal trunk...).
Today with all the other bits and pieces I had to take a small circle die cutter to be recycled as it has got stuck and no amount of persuasion would loosen it. A helpful attendant agreed to take it to the metals section while I was busy with the batteries and light bulbs. "What's this?" he asked. As I started to explain, he was fiddling with it, and suddenly "pop" and he's only managed to un-stick it. What a star! So, next time you want something fixed, try Scott at Earlswood recycling facility. Thanks Scott, that's what I call service!!!!

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