Monday, 11 July 2011

I believe in saving money where you can... you have more money to spend when you want something special!

That's why I decided to make three grunge-style background stamps: Polka Dot, Harlequin and Mosaic patterns instead of buying them. If you want to know how, read on...

You'll need:
A piece of funky foam any colour
Hole Punch (for the polka dot)
Craft knife, pen, ruler (for the harlequin)
Perspex pieces trimmed to size or similar rigid plastic or wood - I used a piece of trimmed broken playhouse window
Good glue
Geometric patterned paper for a template

Polka dot stamp:
Use an office hole punch to punch lots of little dots out of the funky foam. If they get stuck and don't cut properly, fold a piece of scrap paper around the foam (use a different colour to the foam or you'll be picking up paper instead of foam). Take your piece of perspex round off sharp edges with a file if necessary. Tape a suitable geometric paper to the perspex, then get to work sticking your dots to the perspex using the paper as a guide. The more space you cover, the easier it is to use as a background stamp. Done! 

Harlequin stamp:
Cut lots of diamonds of the same size. (You can use this method if you want: Cut a strip of foam , say 1.5cm wide. Draw a line at an angle across the strip, measure the line, then mark that length all the way along the edge of the strip, both top and bottom. Cut with the craft knife from each mark to the opposite one, parallel to the first line. Repeat.) Stick the foam diamonds onto your perspex sheet. Done!

Mosaic Stamp:
Chop your foam into random straight-edged fragments. Glue them as closely together as you can onto a block in a roughly square shape. Done!  To use, first create the image you want to turn into a mosaic, finish and dry, then stamp the mosaic block over the top of it with versamark, emboss with clear powder, melt with your heat tool, then when it's set, rub all over the image with a contrast ink - this will colour the "grout" lines. Wipe the ink off the embossed areas with a baby wipe or very lightly damp cloth - ta dah! I confess that I spotted this idea on this blog, and there's a great video showing how to make the stamp and get the mosaic effect with this stamp.

If you have any stamps you've made, why not put a link in your comment? I'd love to see them...

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