Monday, 18 July 2011

More flowers...

...that look almost like real ones (well, at a distance anyway).

This isn't a new idea but it's the first time I've made them.  I used the brilliant Flower Daisies #2 die and cut three of each medium and large blooms in the three reds, then 4 little ones in brown for each flower, then stacked them up around a stalk.

This is what the die looks like:
When you get it, it's all black, but it makes it much easier to use if you stick some white sticky labels over the die, run it through your Big Shot, and then just peel away the middle of the flowers.  Then you can see exactly whether you've got the paper lined up over the flower you want to cut.  It works on felt and fabric and card and you get beautifully perfect crisp flowers every time.  StampinUp Code 114520, £16.95

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  1. They look gorgeous Helen! well done!
    Justine x


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