Monday, 22 August 2011

Learn something new every day... a great on-line scrapbooking/journal/lifelearning class run by a lady called Shimelle Laine.  It runs through September and you get an email prompt every day encouraging you to think what you might have learned that day.  You also have access to a forum where some amazingly creative people show their work on the project and support each other.  When I did this class two years ago it changed my life! I learned loads about what I wanted from my life and lived life very intensely that month. Not to mention getting to grips with lots of principles of scrapbooking!  The book I created is a huge source of joy and pride, and I'm going to be doing it again this year with a twist.  Shimelle describes it much better than me here.

If you're thinking "I don't have time", you only have to give it the time you want to; you could always do a couple of pages and pick it up again next year, just keep a journal, read the prompts or make a summary scrapbook page. 

Here's a couple of pics of the journal I made in 2009, the front cover and an example page.

Hope to see you on the LSNED forum!


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  1. This looks wonderfully colourful, and moving to read it had such a profound effect on your life. Looking forward to seeing you in the forum! :)


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