Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Only three months till Christmas...

...so sorry to mention it, I'll say no more about it and get on with the show and tell!

Well now, this morning I couldn't close the drawer I keep my stash of ribbons in, so I had to sort it out.  Truth is, this is not something a grown woman should really spend her time over, but I confess I had a lovely hour untangling and winding.  I ended up with an enormous pile of very short (= less than 50cm) pieces.  And I remembered a ribbon wreath that I saw in the current (soon to be old) stampin'up catalogue.  So I picked out all the red, green and gold, and while I was visiting my friend Ruby today, I made TWO christmas ones (I was there a REALLY long time).  I'm very pleased with them; they even have little bells on salvaged from Lindt chocolate easter bunnies  [other bunnies are available].

Hope you like them, they will be in my etsy shop the minute I work out how to do it, or if you're interested in buying one, do get in touch.  They will be £15 for the smaller one (the upper one) and £18 for the larger one.  Thanks for looking!

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  1. Gorgeous. I too have some of those ribbons with bells on from Lindt bunnies!


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