Friday, 16 September 2011

I was out and about... at the Creative Crafts Show at Sandown with some chums, and it was fun;  I treated myself to a few bits and pieces including a new jelly roll and some cute washi tape from Superlovely that I'll definitely be using in the next few days.  The show's on till Sunday 18th September and well worth a visit for fans of paper, fabric and wool crafts.   BUT my favourite part of our trip was on the way back: we spotted a sign for "Fire and Iron Gallery" and called in there.  What a surprise treat it was.  Although it's only minutes from Junction 9 of the M25, it feels like the deepest countryside, and is in the outbuildings of a gorgeous house built in 1346.  With a blacksmith's and blacksmithing school on site, a lot of the work on display for sale is metal in the form of jewellery, furniture, wall art and sculpture.  A series that made us all smile was art from chocolate wrappers by Joanne Tinker, who also has some work on permanent display in the Science Museum.  We felt we were definitely up to the challenge of sourcing materials for another project like this!

If you're ever nearby, don't miss the opportunity to go there.  Whatever your art or craft, you are sure to be enriched and inspired by the experience - and it's free!
Garden Sculpture (above)

Quality Streets are go! (below)

See also facebook name "Fire and Iron Gallery" for lots of examples of the work available.

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