Monday, 5 September 2011

You are brilliant...

...really, you are!

I follow this card-making blog by Kristina Werner, and if you don't too WHY NOT????

She has come up with a beautiful design that I just HAD to have a go at even though I really have my hands full with my Learn something new every day project.  It's a folding card with some words of encouragement.   Usually I choose my own sentiments for a card, but I so loved Kristina's choice that I just plain copied:

And to make it into a card that can stand up on your dressing table or sideboard, I added a little stand.

Do leave a comment if you like, it's always great to know who's dropped by!  If you're having trouble lately, see my note to the right, it seems to be a bug in blogger.


  1. Love it Helen! well done. What a lovely idea. Justine x x x

  2. Thank you, my favourite commenter! Kristina is so inspiring, I just had to (even though I had planned to do the really overdue housework.)

  3. The card is lovely. I really like your idea to add a stand :)

  4. This card is beautiful! The PP inside is so neat! And I love the stand too!
    Don't worry about the housework - it'll still be there later! :)

  5. Thanks Sofie and Tanya for your comments, glad you like my version of the card.

    And Tanya, you're so right about the housework...the gardening...the cellar...the shopping...the cooking...


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