Friday, 21 October 2011

Hurray for my Big Shot...

...I blogged before about using a big shot die to make a stamp using funky foam, and I've always regretted that the foam is too thick to go into SU's lovely punches so that I can make stamps out of them too.  But today I found a way!  I just ran it through the bigshot with a die in it turned the wrong way round, and added a few sheets of paper as a shim, just to give the foam a bit of a squeeze.  The funky foam became JUST thin enough that I could fold it in a piece of thin computer paper and slide it carefully into the die.  So now I have a stamp made from my bird and owl builder punches.  Here's the bird punch and a quick test:
They are quite thin, so I am going to repeat the process and then stick the two pieces together for a thicker stamp.

If you want a Big Shot (and who wouldn't, really) but you're worried about the cost, here's a solution.  Have a hostess party at your house and invite lots of your crafty friends.  If they and you spend a total of only £300 or more, you'll be entitled to a Big Shot (or any other product) for HALF PRICE= £44 which is a brilliant bargain however you look at it, and ALSO £50 of hostess pounds to spend on any goodies in the catalogue but including exclusive access to the advantageously priced hostess products.  Christmas is a great time for crafting, so why not organise a christmas crafting party with me today!

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