Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pockets in my christmas journal...

...are an essential part of the design this year.  About every other page is going to have a pocket for a postcard.  My plan is to do my journalling, wherever I can anyway, as a postcard to a named someone.   I have tested this plan by making a page  which is a postcard from me to Santa telling him what I would like, and then I just slipped the postcard into the pocket.  Well, plans often evolve, so if the postcard idea gets a bit awkward I will just snip off the pockets, as they are only folded.  The other side of the postcard below is an off cut of the paper collection I'm using, but I guess it could also be a photo.

I am using the postcard and franking stamps from my Stampin  Up set  "Winter Post" which also includes a stunning snowflake and four other very versatile stamps.  I embossed the snowflake in silver on Thursday having never used it before, during a christmas packaging demo at a workshop and I couldn't believe how beautifully it came out!


  1. I think you have more hours in your day than I have.....x

  2. Maybe just too much free time? Anyone got a paid job for me?


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