Saturday, 31 December 2011

Even more journal, days 9 - 12 Dec

I have just re-done this page as the previous version really jarred, I'm much happier with it now.

We had some friends round to supper on the 10th and it was very nice so I journalled it here:

Shimelle urges us to remember Christmas disasters, so I philosophised a bit about why really quite little things seem so much more disastrous at Christmas:

Running a bit late on cards this year, even though I'd made them all in January, due to dithering about the photo update we send:

Friday, 30 December 2011

More Christmas Journal...

I did a lot of my shopping on the internet this year, and felt I had to send those responsible a little thank you! 

I had a super evening with my girls, having their christmas haircuts and generally larking about, so I sent them a postcard to say thank you.

Although they've grown out of the nativity plays, I felt suddenly nostalgic for the ole' nativity play, and I'd found an old cd of one of their performances.  I've now rubbed the pencil marks out, by the way!

Now then, I have a glorious secret that I can't even tell you about yet, dear blog-reader, but I wanted to remember loving having it over this christmas, so I wrote a little postcard to-whom-it-may-concern!

Christmas Journal #2...

My daughters have made me a personal advent calendar this year with gifts and chocolate, so I included day one's note and journalled on the back of the note to put in the pocket about how sweet they are!

 My craft space is also the spare room and it gets into the most awful mess at Christmas...

My cotton reel ran out this day and I realised that between us my daughter and I have used 1km of thread since the spring when I bought it!

I remember when my brother woke me and my parents at 5:35 one Christmas morning, thinking it was 7:25 so I've done a postcard to him in the pocket, with a photo of the two of us when we were little:

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Christmas Journal 2011...

... is progressing!  I thought you might like to look at the first section.  It's called "Hot Chocolate", named after the range of paper I used, because I thought it also fitted what I want out of my journal, so I explain on the cover why:


I always start my journal on advent sunday which fell early this year, and always do something a bit religious.  This time I took a line from a carol that we sang that day in church:

I made a pocket for all our christmas present lists, in the hope that I'd get going early buying presents.  (It sort-of worked!)


I often remember the day's events in my christmas journal and this was an important and sad day that I wanted to commemorate.

Shimelle encourages her "posse" to consider the weather, and here in Surrey it has been so mild, so I decided to illustrate this with a fuschia that's still hanging on in our garden.  I especially like this page, I think it's partly the way it gets you humming that song, that's it's a nice colourful photo, and it's also "lift the flap" !

I'll be back with some more pages tomorrow...

Monday, 26 December 2011

Would you call this Georgian?...

...the fabrics are from the American Civil war but I guess the same styles were going on in England as well?

I finished this one on holiday last week.  It's made with a moda jelly roll called "Hope", backed with my favourite fabric from the same range, and bound with a fabric from another of the moda civil war ranges.  The wadding is a very lightweight fleece.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas...

...lovely reader!  I have been very quiet as we've been away on holiday, but now I'm back and have several projects to show you.  But not tonight, it's too late.  So in the meantime, I hope you have a brilliant Christmas and look out for lots of new projects in the new year!

Helen xxx

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gareth Malone will you marry me?...

..if I and you weren't married to other people already, and I were not far too old for you!

What a difference this man has made to so many people, I have enjoyed watching all his shows, and if you haven't seen the current "Military Wives" series, I recommend it to you, whatever you feel about going to war.  This is their live performance at this year's remembrance day service and this is the single they're going to release on 19th December, "Wherever you are".  I so hope it's number one, something rich in meaning for a change.  Remember these women are not professional singers, just a choir that sings with heart.

I am working on a christmas journal entry about this, I want to try to find a poppy to go on it to, and when the CD arrives I'll slip it into the pocket too.  I will show you when I finish it!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Green is the colour...

...of the week over at less is more.   Here's my entry; why don't you have a go too? 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Some birthdays coming up in December...

... so I have had fun making these two pretty pretty cards using the paper set Cheerful Treat (only available to hostesses and ridiculously good value at £8 hostess pounds!).

 I couldn't resist using the button papers from the old oh sew suite as the hot pink (melon mambo) coordinates so well.   And I love that birthday sentiment (from the hostess "happiest birthday wishes")

Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's a special birthday ...

...for my friend Rita tomorrow and a bunch of us went out for the day recently to celebrate.  As a mum of five, she doesn't get a whole day off very often, and I thought she might like a memento of it so for her birthday I have done a mini scrapbook page instead of a card; hope she likes it!