Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gareth Malone will you marry me?...

..if I and you weren't married to other people already, and I were not far too old for you!

What a difference this man has made to so many people, I have enjoyed watching all his shows, and if you haven't seen the current "Military Wives" series, I recommend it to you, whatever you feel about going to war.  This is their live performance at this year's remembrance day service and this is the single they're going to release on 19th December, "Wherever you are".  I so hope it's number one, something rich in meaning for a change.  Remember these women are not professional singers, just a choir that sings with heart.

I am working on a christmas journal entry about this, I want to try to find a poppy to go on it to, and when the CD arrives I'll slip it into the pocket too.  I will show you when I finish it!

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  1. Hi Helen, Yes, I agree: the choir on the 'Strictly' semi-final evening was heavenly.


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