Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Christmas Journal 2011...

... is progressing!  I thought you might like to look at the first section.  It's called "Hot Chocolate", named after the range of paper I used, because I thought it also fitted what I want out of my journal, so I explain on the cover why:


I always start my journal on advent sunday which fell early this year, and always do something a bit religious.  This time I took a line from a carol that we sang that day in church:

I made a pocket for all our christmas present lists, in the hope that I'd get going early buying presents.  (It sort-of worked!)


I often remember the day's events in my christmas journal and this was an important and sad day that I wanted to commemorate.

Shimelle encourages her "posse" to consider the weather, and here in Surrey it has been so mild, so I decided to illustrate this with a fuschia that's still hanging on in our garden.  I especially like this page, I think it's partly the way it gets you humming that song, that's it's a nice colourful photo, and it's also "lift the flap" !

I'll be back with some more pages tomorrow...

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