Sunday, 19 February 2012

Charity marathon... other half, Ed, is currently raising money for "Help the Hospices" by doing the London Marathon in April.

Funnily enough, for at least as long as I have known him, he has said things like "it's a crazy thing to do" and "you'll never catch me doing one".  And yet...  here he is slogging through his training miles; must be a mid-life crisis!

He's pledged to add 10% to whatever's given, so with tax relief that means for every £1 donated, Help the Hospices receives at least £1.38.   He has already made a downpayment in suffering - some serious chafing went on today after his 15 mile practice. (am I oversharing!?).  If you would like to support "Help the Hospices", please visit .

Thank you,
Helen x

Runners at last year's London Marathon (not including hubby, obviously, because he's not run it yet...)

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