Saturday, 25 February 2012

Doing a lampworking taster for the WI...

...this morning.  Everyone got to watch a bead being made, then practised together, then made one each.  I think my guests had a good time, I certainly enjoyed talking and doing craft with like minded people.  Really looking forward to the next WI class very soon.

Here I am dispensing "wisdom"

And the finished articles with their new owners, well done ladies!!!

And finally, a shot of what inspires me most  - all those lovely colours!

Would you like to learn how to make glass beads? I offer an "Introduction to Lampworking" half-day session in the relaxed environment of my workshop (aka kitchen), for £29 per person (for two people), or £55 for one person.  You will take away all the beads you make, all my demo beads, and a set of coordinating spacers.   Courses can be during the day or at weekends, give me a call to book, 01737 762078.


  1. Wow! That looks really exciting! What a great skill to teach. I'm not surprised you're inspired by all those colours, I want to get crafting just looking at them too! Lovely blog!

  2. Helen, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog today - I can't tell you how perfect your timing was - your comment gave me a smile that was much needed :) Thank you! I also have to say that I wish I was closer to Surrey!!!! I would love to come to your kitchen and learn how to make glass beads!!!! It looks wonderful!!!! Thank you again for the beautiful sentiments and for sending some sunshine my way today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I am definitely going to follow your blog :) Michelle

  3. Thank you for commenting ladies! I think that glass bead-making may be my favourite craft (and believe me I do lots (too many, some might say)), it's so absorbing and beautiful to watch the molten glass transforming. If you're ever passing, get in touch and I'll put the kettle on!


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