Sunday, 19 February 2012

Green and Gorgeous...

...was the name of a wildlife event my family went to a LONG time ago, that I ended up scrapbooking this weekend, and here's why...

For the first time ever last week, I premade a layout  - in pale purply pink and lime green - and it has been sitting around for a few days waiting to be put to use.  That's when I was put in mind of a shirt my hubby used to have, and I went on the search for photos.  After several hours of nostalgic procrastination over the photo boxes (obviously!) I found these piccies of an outing to Godstone's Bay Pond, which matched the layout perfectly.   I also remembered the rather large stash of embroidery silks that I showed you earlier in the week and resolved to use some on this layout.  I managed four times, can you spot them? *

Bright photo courtesy of this morning's beautiful sunshine!  I'm slightly surprised but very pleased about how inspiring it was to make a "blank" page and add to it.  If you do the same, do post a link!  Hope you like it, ttfn. x

* I made pretend baker's twine by twisting a green and a white and tying it round the pictures, wrapped pink round a scalloped circle to make a sort of starburst effect embellishment , made a pompom out of a collection of greens, and used green to tie on the little yellow buttons at the bottom of the page.

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