Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I've been busy with the day job...

...over the last few weeks working with a lovely group of ladies planning to go back to work after a break looking after their children.  It's very rewarding work, but doesn't leave much time for blogging or even crafting, especially given that I'm re-learning how to commute.  Hopefully this week will leave more time for both as it's half term and we're all taking the week "off" to look after our little angels.

I have a craft group at the Harlequin Theatre Redhill on Mondays, which is part of a project for the over-50's called Hi Days. Here's the felt pot project we made this week - it's surprisingly simple.

You cut a U shaped template, cover both sides with three layers of felt, alternating the direction of the fibres, decorate, wet down with soapy water and then abuse it for all you're worth for about 20 minutes! I'm not sure if you can see but mine's a bit sparkly due to some Angelina Fibres I trapped in the wool.  This template also makes a pretty bag shape, and Jenny in my group made a bag beautifully decorated with vibrant spring flowers.  Hi-days is open to new members: there's an exercise class 10-11, then from 11:30-1 a choice of activities like calligraphy, silk painting, craft (that's me), antiques or computers.  Last week we did the picture behind the pot, next week it's cards, the week after, it's paper bunting all ready for the jubilee!  Contact 01737 219809 for more info on Hi-days or follow this link for an article about the group that was in the Surrey Mirror recently.

If you'd like to learn how to make pretty things out of felt (beads, corsages, hairslides, bags, bunting...), I run workshops for groups all year round - at my place or at yours - just get in touch on  01737 762078!

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