Monday, 26 March 2012

Easter chicks...

...I gave in.  I love this little card, which I have plain and shameless copied from Tami.  If you haven't looked at her videos on YouTube, you should, she's the most enthusiastic demonstrator ever!  So, this morning, I got an email saying Tami has put up a new video, and as soon as I saw it I decided this was way better than the project I had planned for my lunchtime craft group today.  So I very quickly copied it and assembled the necessary equipment.  This is why, Reader, the sample is so very shabbily produced with the glaring accidental stamp at the top (I dropped it).  But you get the idea, and you wouldn't hold it against me...would you?????  It's very quick and I think really really cute, well done Tami!
I followed Tami's instructions by using the birdpunch to make the little chicks and the oval punch to make the eggs.  I used dimensionals to pop up the eggs and all that lovely sale-a-bration paper.  If you could have seen my face as my ladies started cutting into my precious new paper, but it was worth it the cards all looked so cute.  And I have got another set hidden away!

Hope you like this card!

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