Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I don't tweet, but he might...

...providing you've got a good imagination!  I made this little cutie entirely using needle-felting.

You just cut out two bird shapes in pre-made felt, and use a dry-felting needle to apply your choice of fleece.  Cut two wings, and apply a bit of fleece to them while poking the wing onto the body.  Join the pieces by poking the needle through the joined edges (wrong sides together), and applying extra fleece over the edges.  Stuff some scraps of fleece into the body before closing the last gap.  Stick a feather in as a tail at the back and a folded felt diamond for the beak and use the needle to close up the holes.  I stitched a couple of little black beads as eyes, but you could use tiny balls of felt instead.  My robin doesn't have any legs but when Kirstie Allsopp did this project, she poked a thin stick in so the robin could be stood in eg a plant pot, or I guess I could make some little legs with wire.


  1. Saw the same Kirstie programme although I have to say, I feel yours has a slightly superior personality!! Great felting. My felt is in a cupboard somewhere!! ( goes off to find it!) X

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    2. Thank you Keren! Glad to have inspired you to dig the felt out. I *had* to have one of the sprung needle holder things Kirstie used and finally found one in Hobbycraft on Friday, but made this little chap before I bought it; even with one needle it went really quickly.
      Happy felting x


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