Friday, 20 April 2012

Crikey, it's been ages...

...since I blogged!  It's because I've been away, Reader, and neither of the places I stayed had a signal.  Or anywhere to craft.  But I'm back, and ready to get busy, busy, busy for up-coming open studio days and lots of lovely classes.  Today I intended to make glass beads ALL DAY.  In the end, I only did it for about two hours, as "life duties" got in the way!  I had fun -  it's such an absorbing, beautiful craft to do.  I decided to experiment and play, here's what I made, still on their sticks so they're a bit dusty-looking:

Ha, ha, oh dear, a bit out of practice.  See the penguin's expression? That's how I feel about this haul.  I was very pleased about the dolphin, modelled on the lovely below who I met in Florida last week.  Except one important detail.  He has no fins.  DURRRRR.  I didn't even notice until my daughter pointed it out.  Back to the drawing board - Pat, you will get your dolphin eventually!

Happy Friday!

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