Friday, 20 April 2012

CSI Lincoln... not a tv programme I expect to see any time soon.  A friendlier, more mellow and prettier town than Lincoln (in the UK btw) you cannot imagine, especially the uphill part of the town.

But, last summer bank holiday weekend, I was strolling back from the shops to the friends we were visiting there, and a cyclist snatched my handbag and made off with it.  I chased and yelled, and several people tried to follow him, but he unfortunately got away with my life: new handbag, diary, phone, camera, keys, cash, credit cards, store vouchers...  "bother" (was not what I said at the time)! A lovely policeman turned up within half an hour and took all the details and reassured me that it was probably an addict after quick cash and he expected the bag to turn up locally over the next few days.  So my husband and children and our friend all went off to look in local gardens and bins, and - my hero - DH was back in ten minutes having found it in the first place he looked with everything still in it except the cash!  It could have ruined the weekend, but given the bag was retrieved, it added something of a "frisson"!  (Not that I'm looking for a repeat performance I still lost £60 and had a sore shoulder to show for it!).  I felt like this was definitely an experience to scrap...

I used a Tim Holtz background (I think it was the lost and found stack) for an urban feel, but knocked it back with a coat of gesso, and cut some useful "polaroid" photo blanks from a page from my stash for the photos and journalling.  The little bike represents the getaway vehicle!  The date was supposed to look like graffitti but I guess I need a bit more practice at that. 

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