Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What a load of baubles...

...I had such a good response to my owl punch designs post that I thought I'd do the same for the brilliant ornament punch.  I look for versatility in a punch, and you wouldn't believe how many designs you can make, I have used it so much and not just for Christmas. It stores flat unlike most punches that have a giant sticking up lever so it doesn't take much space and it is also guaranteed by StampinUp for 2 years.

The most obvious use is for christmas, of course.  You can easily create really effective christmas cards in minutes using a bit of metallic thread and a couple of baubles cut out from scraps of pretty paper.  You can even use the remaining paper as a mask and stamp or sponge through it.  You can fold them and stick together for a beautiful 3-d hanging ornament, and you can use the it to cut out photos for your scrapbook page.  But you might think that come January, it's time to put away your punch till the next Christmas season....Not so!  I've been scouring the internet and racking my brain for non-Christmassy things you can do with your ornament punch and here are a few of my favourites:

Some of these use the punch again to remove two petal shapes, by feeding the first piece back into the side of the punch.  I also came across this tutorial for a 3-D flower:

If you'd like to order an ornament punch they are £15.50, just get in touch.

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  1. Hi Helen - what a fantastic lot of lovely things to do with the ornament punch! Thanks for sharing this. Vicky x


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