Saturday, 7 July 2012

Felting fun recently...

... with a group of lovely ladies from the Reigate WI.  We sat in my kitchen at the big table and everyone made a piece of flat felt that most people turned into a "rose" corsage.  I wish I'd taken some pictures because they were really pretty, but I was running around the table making sure everyone had a nice time (including tea, coffee and some lovely little cakes from Cullenders' Deli, which happens to be next door.)  As usual I learned plenty from my guests as well as them learning some stuff from me and we had a nice time.  I feel I should apologise for pouring water over Heather, though, I don't know what came over me!!!!

Several of the ladies were interested in a further class in one or more of the ideas below. If you would like to take any of these classes, do get in touch on 01737 762078 or see the sidebar for my email.

Felt pictures (2 hours approx) (uses needle felting, very simple and effective).  £12 for the class, including fleece and background and you need to bring along a frame with a passepartout for your design.  I will provide a felting needle but the best and quickest tool for this job is a sprung 5-needle tool, which costs about £14.  If you think you may do more needle felting, it is a good investment, and if you order one in advance, I can purchase it for you.

Little felt robin (ditto, just like Kirsty Allsopp's, see my previous post) £12, will take about two hours, all materials provided. I think this robin is quite realistic, but if you want to make a different bird, or a fantastical one, I won't be discouraging you!

Reversible, seamless bag, like this one, or smaller, for instance for a phone or a glasses case.  This project will take about 3 hours and cost £12.  The felt will be charged by the finished weight of the item, which should be no more than £5 for a smallish bag (this one is about 8"x6").

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