Saturday, 27 October 2012

Like a chocolate teapot...

...this teacup would not be much use with something hot and wet, but it might work for nick-nacks or non-sticky sweeties?  I saw this idea in Susanna Wallis' book "Needlefelting for beginners" and felt that it had to be done.  It was fun, and easy enough to do in front of Friday night tv, although I must admit my arm aches a tad this morning.  Hope you like it.  If you'd like make one of these, come on a felting workshop, just get in touch!

I realise I haven't put up anything made of paper recently, so that is my next task! Happy Weekend.  xx


  1. Ooooh!!!!! This is soooo cute Helen!!!! I want to come to a workshop!!!!!! :) Love this and want to try needle felting - I'm scared I'm going to needle felt my fingers!

  2. Thank you, Michelle! I did poke my finger a few times but it was because I was too lax to make a foam "former" to shove inside the cup, which I definitely will do for my lovely workshop participants. I also have an excellent "brush" style base which makes it really quick and easy. I will do a special workshop for you when you come to England next...

  3. This is the sweetest little cup and saucer Helen - love it! Vicky x


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