Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Planning another quilt...

...even though I know there are more "important" things to do.  This is going to be a non-traditional quilt for my eldest daughter involving some beach-huts made of striped cotton, mostly from my DH's old shirts.  Cue some serious googling for other people's work: beach-huts and bunting, what's not to love?  My favourite find was this website, owned by Julia Gahagan, who has some great beach hut quilt patterns.  I couldn't resist ordering her beach hut mini-quilt kit as it was an incredibly reasonable £8, and when it arrived today, it was all so dinky and perfect that I couldn't resist getting started on it pronto.  And... surprise! ... I finished it too:

Trimmed, applique'd, stitched, quilted, embellished, embroidered, backed and edged, isn't it cute?  The photo doesn't do it justice really, I'll try to get one in daylight tomorrow.  Thanks Julia, I'm even more inspired to do the bed quilt now, and way better prepared - bring it on!

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