Thursday, 11 October 2012

This has been keeping me busy...

...over the last few weeks.  I have loved doing it, and although it took longer than I expected, I am very pleased with the result and the quilting went really quickly.  I love the tatty look of it, and the hand quilting and faded background fabric (an old duvet cover) has really added to this.  I am toying with putting little buttons in the middle of each "target" - what do you think?  Stampin' Up fans might recognise a couple of the "twitterpated" fabrics!

Here's a fragment that best shows the colours:
 And here's one half of it...

Finally, this shows the layout, but I have not managed to get a good shot of the whole thing, it's too big...


  1. it looks great Helen, well done!

    1. Thank you Jen, and for the inspiration for this in the first place x

  2. I like the colours and pattern. I think some buttons would work well.


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