Monday, 12 November 2012

Using up stash... a challenge to me, I do love to look at and stroke my favourite papers and feel so reluctant to cut into those lovely crisp 12"x12" 's.  But recently I picked a piece out and made these three cards.  Most of my cards are made with a "special" or unique design in mind, but I think sometimes that stops me from just producing something that someone would still be pleased to receive.  And the advantage is that once you've pulled out matching ribbon, ink, stamp etc, making three cards doesn't take that much longer than making one.  So go on, pull out a piece of one of your favourite papers and get making!

(This was a piece of retired Stampin Up from the "sew suite" DSP)


  1. These three gorgeous cards look much better than a flat sheet of paper - and they'll make THREE people happy! Vicky x

    1. What a good way to look at it - it's like the Feng Shui of passing on a book for others to enjoy instead of hoarding it,

      Glad you like them, especially since I have been so often inspired by your blog!


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