Thursday, 20 December 2012

The to do list... apparently never ending for many of us at this time of year, but I have been noticing this week how important it is to me to finish non-Christmassy things in time for Christmas!  Why is that, I wonder?  For instance, I decided I needed to finish a scrapbook page, unpick a logo from a sweatshirt that I didn't like, and complete and circulate some committee minutes today, just to get them out of the way before Christmas started.  And it isn't as if I've even sent all my christmas cards out yet.  At least my list is getting shorter at last, one way or another.

Here is the scrapbook page I did today, it was really, really quick because I had a lovely page from MME which was already the title and quite a lot of embellishment too.  I might add a few bits and pieces when I look at it again.  The occasion was when I met In Real Life someone I had previously only known through the internet.    What a super lady, you can check out her blog if you like, here.  I have to tell you that the photo of her is not at all flattering due to it having been taken at arm's length.


Michelle, this is my cop-out piece on the theme of connection.  Those two little birds look like they are on a telegraph wire having a chat, just like us.  And I feel sure we will meet up again soon!

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