Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My Christmas journal making ....

... has come to an end for another year.  Here are the last few pages :

Boxing Day was a double paged spread with a transparency in the middle and some special "NOEL" packing tape that was used on our Christmas presents:

I had a few little themes I still wanted to scrap so I set up a double page called "Christmas Cameos":

New Year's Day was about looking back over last year's highlights:

I received this as a Christmas card last year, and decided after last year's resolution fiasco, it was more suitable to make some wishes instead, so I will add those in later!

Found this quote in a book and thought it might be suitable to close the book:

And here it is all finished, definitely the neatest one out of the four I've made:

I'll be running a Christmas Journal Workshop next November/December so if you're interested in joining, please get in touch straight away!

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