Wednesday, 9 January 2013

That's it all over then...

...I put Christmas back in the attic yesterday.   The house looks tidy and rather scuffed, the Quality Street tins have gone into the recycling, the crumbs of cake, tree needles and snippets of pretty paper have been cleared away.  I'm always a little bit relieved to have the house in control again and although we have had a really nice time together, I am glad that everyone is back at work/school and when a surface is tidied it is likely to stay that way, at least for a few hours.

Do you need a bit of inspiration for the New Year?  I did, and I can do no better than refer you to Keren Baker's WONDERFUL idea for celebrating her special birthday with 40 Random Acts of Kindness that she blogged about here.  Want to know more? and are apparently broken, but I found, and also these photos, plus this on Pinterest, if you're looking for some more ideas.

I hope you get to give and receive lots of RAK's in 2013!

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