Sunday, 24 March 2013

Going the extra mile...

...before you shut me down for uttering dreaded management speak, IT'S OK, I'M TALKING ABOUT MAKING CARDS!

I was reminded a couple of times recently that homemade cards have more possibilities for extra touches than your less personal shop-bought cards.  One of things that makes them really special is adding a bit of decoration to the inside of your card, to the back, and to the envelope.  I did this by accident recently on my celebration cards.

Here's the outside:

And as I had a little chick shape left over (cut from the bird builder punch), I decided to stick it on the inside and stamp another greeting:

I often stamp a little something from my Creatively Yours stamp set for the back.


I admit that I haven't often remembered to embellish the envelope, but why not, it's no effort while your stamps and inks are out?

If you would like to share how you add extra touches to your cards, please add a link!

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  1. Your little chicks are just the cutest little creatures! It's a great idea to stamp the back of your card with a 'hand made' stamp and there's a great selection in this fab set. Vicky x


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