Saturday, 9 March 2013

I made a one week wonder...

... quilt.  That's not a special type of quilt, just one I made in under a week!  I knew I had to get on with it as it's a gift for someone whose birthday is next week. If you were considering trying your first machine-stitched quilt, this would be a really good one to start with as it's not too big (just lap-sized) and uses all squares of the same size (5"), so is easy to cut and assemble.  This quilt is for my elderly friend Ruby's wheelchair, last time we went out we had to use something entirely unsuitable that kept dragging on the ground.

 Rita at Red Pepper Quilts is almost entirely to blame (in the nicest possible way) for this quilt: it uses "Noteworthy" fabric that I first saw on her blog here  and I quilted it with quarter inch "tramlines" either side of the seams, which I also first saw chez Rita.

I learn something new whenever I do a quilt, here is what I learned with this one:
1) it's a false economy to use bits of old duvet as wadding especially on a quilt that relies on a strict geometric pattern - the lumps can make your stitching go wonky!
2) If you want a pointy corner on your binding make sure the pleats on either side of the corner go in opposite directions
3) If you insert a panel on the back of your quilt be extra careful lining it up when you come to make up your quilt sandwich (mine was so skew...)
4) If you keep catching your fingers on pins or needle, and bleed on the quilt, it most likely will come out with cold water once you're finished!
5) It's not difficult to join two pieces of wadding by hand sewing the straight edges in a herringbone pattern (thanks Jen-down-the-road for telling me how to do that)


  1. It looks great Helen. I'm sure Ruby will love it. I'm going to try the tramline quilting on my next project as it looks so much better than stitch in the ditch! I enjoyed your company as you quilted it....

    1. Thanks again for the loan of the machine. x


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