Friday, 1 March 2013

I'm bewitched... some pesky hexagons!!!

I have set out on a community project to produce a hand-sewn Linus quilt. I work with lots of different groups on crafty pursuits, the biggest of which is the Hi-days project for the over-50's based in Redhill.  I lead a group that makes a different craft project every week, and they have jumped at my suggestion of making a "Linus" quilt together.

This is my dressing table or "Hexagon Central":

(Sorry about the poor light there, it was probably about midnight)

It's going to be a square quilt with over 70 little hexagon flowers, each flower hand-sewn by a member of Hi-days and a selection of other crafty friends.  About a quarter of the flower kits are out being made as we speak, and I have been sewing the flowers together for all I'm worth.  This is what has been completed so far:

Jen-down-the-road, local quilt expert and generous advisor to yours truly, tells me that this design is called "Grandmother's flower garden", and uses a technique called English paper piecing where you wrap the paper round a paper template (hexagons die cut in minutes with my trusty BigShot).  I have used 7 coordinating fat quarters in Aqua and Red by Michael Miller, and will back it with the creased fabric that's showing behind the hexagons in the photo. It's linked with white sheet cotton. I reckon we're about half way to finishing the top if you count all the flowers people are working on as we speak...

If you're local and would like to take part, do get in touch, and I'll be sure to update you with our progress!


  1. I really like the flower hexies, especially with the white background!

    1. Thank you very much, Marelize. I love how one minute you see white flowers with coloured centres, but the next it's bigger coloured flowers with a white border. It's almost like it's moving.

      Thank you for following me,subscribing works best for me, but I will be watching out for your posts, your quilting is superb.


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