Sunday, 21 April 2013

A tour of my crafting space...

...shouldn't take too long!

I occasionally come across a tour of someone's huge crafting space on youtube, and am encouraged how much more stuff some people have than I do!  But I do fit A LOT into a small space - here it is, by request:

When I bought it, my ambition was to get all my Crafting stuff stashed in here.  Well, I have not succeeded yet, and there will never be room for Felting/Quilting/Glass making which are so bulky, but I am slowly getting there with the rest.  The design makes it very easy to just stand there and put a quick project together, as everything is so close to hand.  I love the shallow drawers, it makes it very easy to find everything, and you really notice what you have, which in turn is making it easier to realise what I don't use and can pass on. For instance, I have decided to clear my remaining non-Stampin-Up cardstock as it is so much easier to match the colour families to each other. The unit is from storage4crafts (and I'm not on a bung, honest!).

If you're from the UK - hope you're enjoying our FABULOUS weekend weather!


  1. This is a great solution and I like the idea that you stand to create - it makes it seem more like a sport! And... bend and stretch! Vicky x

  2. I feel peaceful just looking at this beautiful, organized space!!!! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hey Helen, just clicked over to your blog, and realised I must have been here before, as I remember looking at this post about your drawers and thinking how great they looked!
    Becky xx


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