Monday, 8 April 2013

A weekend away... both sets of parents, just back!

Big thanks to my lovely mum and dad and mum and dad in law for looking after us all so well: we're like a plague of locusts descending on them, but it's so very nice for us to see everyone and catch up. Because I had no catering duties, I enjoyed lots of craftiness this weekend, reader, focusing mostly on quilting.  I brought it all with me in this new bag that I managed to squeeze out of a piece of fabric from my stash:

It's made to measure to hold my cutting mat and ruler, tools and a few project pieces.  The spotty fabric, also used for the lining, is a retired StampinUp fabric.

Firstly, I made masses of progress on my community Linus quilt project, and also managed to draw my mother in law into some stitching! Thanks Marie!  I reckon we're more than two thirds there now:
It's beginning to look a bit grubby, I'm looking forward to giving it a good wash!

Secondly, I have nearly finished quilting a  little recycling project:

This project is my cheapest cheapskate project yet.  I filched the patchwork pieces almost entirely from jen-down-the-road's scrap bag, found the green linen (also the backing) in my sister in law's jumble bag, and used a somewhat damaged fleece blanket for wadding.  The only new part is the lovely "early espresso" satin ribbon border from StampinUp.  You will have noticed that some remedial tacking is required for the right hand side, but the hand quilted daisies on the left side are sitting more or less ok.  More of this one when it's finished (soon I hope), and more of my bargain hunting habits in my next post!

Thanks for looking, call by again soon. xx

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