Thursday, 11 April 2013

Another find from last weekend...

...a vintage photo!  Have you ever found a photo of you that you have no recollection of?  (not counting the facebook one someone took after your big night on the tiles, obviously!) This one turned up when I was visiting my parents last weekend.  It seemed like such a happy pic, so I decided to scrap it (duh!!!!).  I scanned it, fixed some of the damaged bits, cropped off most of the rug (I remembered instantly how scratchy it was!), and did my best to reduce the shadows.  The colour is pretty much faded for ever, but I guess that gives it a certain sense of nostalgia!

I mounted a lovely page from MME on a piece of "more mustard" (if you want some, order fast as SU are discontinuing it) which I matched to my patterned paper by edging it with lovely warm "Pumpkin Pie" ink.  I put the letters of the title on the photo itself because I wanted to keep the focus on the smiles; maybe that's why choosing the journalling spot and the minimal embellishment was so hard!   The first English version of "Seasons in the Sun" came out in 1961, so it might even have been playing-  I dare you not to hum it now, I am!

Thanks for calling by!  x


  1. We had joy, we had fun...see what you've done! :) Adorable pic and I love the layout!!!

  2. This is so beautifully done and how clever to make the patterned sun background. One of the beauties of scrapbooking is that the scratchiness of the rug would have been lost but the fact you've journalled it adds such a lot to the photo. (At least I think you journalled it!) Vicky x

  3. Thank you so much for your comments, Michelle and Vicky! I had a lovely time making it! xx


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