Monday, 27 May 2013

Can you believe the bank holiday weather...

...being so good?  If you are not from the UK, you may not know that it's traditional to have pouring rain every Bank Holiday Monday, guaranteed to ruin everyone's plans.  But this year we have been extremely lucky here in Surrey and have had a glorious long weekend of sunshine.  Hooray!

Here's a picture of a bracelet I made recently, on the arm of its new owner, Jen-down-the-road.  It's a collection of my blue tone lampworked "orphan" beads simply strung on a double string of strong clear elastic, I'm really pleased with how it looks on my matey.

Would you like to make some lampworked beads like these?  I run half-day workshops for one or two people, at a time and date to suit you.  See the "Workshops" tab for more details.


  1. I want to learn!!!!! Must arrange a visit sometime!!!! :) Love the blues of the bracelet - so pretty!!!!

  2. It's a gorgeous bracelet and beautifully modelled by your lucky friend! Vicky x


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