Monday, 24 June 2013

Wrinkles are beautiful...

...yes they are!

I have had a lovely "Crafty Monday" today, exploring fabric textures.  We used Bondaweb, all sorts of printed fabrics to make textured pictures, free motion embroidery, stitch and flip quilting, and I remembered at the last minute an amazing fabric called "Shrink Polyester" that I bought at a craft fair earlier in the year.  You stitch it to your fabric layers and then iron it gently.  The polyester shrinks and creates artful wrinkles in your fabric... Look!

How fun is that?  The one above was Karen's (don't you just love those vibrant colours?), I cut my piece into two and made some cards with it, using some very pretty Stampin'Up card stock (certainly celery and marina mist) and the gorgeous silver glitter sheet:

I try to include new techniques in all my Crafty Monday workshops, so why not come along and learn something new?

PS I also learned today what happens if you put your Bondaweb the wrong way up when you iron have to go and buy a new ironing board cover, that's what!  Not doing that again!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Oooo, I like these...

.... felted pieces that my two lovely guests, Karen and Elaine, made last week.

Elaine's cobweb scarf, just look at those colours and that super-soft texture

...and Karen's bag, with all the sweet applique and in-progress embroidery

Well done, lovely ladies!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Finishing up half-used peel-off letter sheets...

... drives me bonkers!

I quite like using peel-offs, but am I the only one who ends up with sheets of z's,q's and k's that I don't like to throw away but appear totally useless?  Well, apart from asking manufacturers to show a bit more respect and PLEASE make sheets with more e's, a's and y's, here is my favourite solution:

Stick all your left over letters onto cards and add captions like "people should send more letters", "have a CAPITAL birthday" or "no-one sends letters any more".

I would be thrilled if you could suggest any other suitable captions in the comments below!

Monday, 17 June 2013

At Crafty Monday workshop today...

... we played with heat embossing.  We tried embossing dominoes, on card with clear powder on coloured ink, with white, with sparkly, with gold-on-black, you name it, we played with it.  And I forgot to take any photos.  But I got one of the card I made.  It's so so simple, but heat embossing always makes a design more special:
I used Stampin Up Crumb Cake cardstock, and the "best of Flowers" and "Secret Garden" that you've seen before, stamped in versamark and embossed in white embossing powder.  The happy birthday is a retired SU greeting.  Top tip for this kind of random stamping: always use a bigger piece of cardstock and be sure to go over the edges with some of your images. When you're finished, you can crop the nicest part and get rid of the dodgy bits (unless you don't have dodgy bits, in which case, be happy, use the leftovers for tags and ignore me).  I sat on my hands and didn't use any of my favourite organza ribbon, but it wasn't easy, reader, no it was not!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Loving this washi tape set...

... in the new catalogue that will be released on 2nd July!  I like how well it goes with the clean, bold font in the versatile "Oh, Hello" stamp set.

I just love the colours, so fresh and summery,

Monday, 3 June 2013


...were the order of the day at my Crafty Monday workshop today.  The idea was to make an ATC and attach it temporarily to a card with a complimentary design.  On the back was an explanation of  what an ATC is, and the recipient is invited to swap the attached card, as well as design one of their own to swap.   I failed (again) to get a photo of those created at the workshop, but here's a photo of mine.

I used some little bits of far eastern-style handmade paper as a background to my under-the-sea ATC. I embossed a retired SU stamp in silver to make it stand out (I did get it a bit crooked, wish I'd used my Stampamajig).  The watery paper effect was produced using StampinUp ink refills in a spritzer, but don't ask me which colours, I did it so long ago...  After mounting this on black I realised it would be hard to write the details on it but then remembered my trusty Signo white gel pen (if you haven't got one of these, trust me, you need one, they are so useful)

I'd love to swap an ATC with you!  If you send me one, I will send you one of mine back in the post...

...and if you haven't got the foggiest idea what an ATC is,  here's what I put on the back of  the card:

In 1997, artist M. Vanci Stirnemann hand-made 1200 hand-made cards for an exhibition, and at the closing reception invited others to create their own cards and trade with him. Now,  ATCs are being traded by artists and crafters around the world, at swap events, in craft shops or by post.  There are only two rules with ATCs:  they must be 2.5” x 3.5”, and they can only be traded, not sold.  Include on the back your name, a contact point, title and any series number.
You can swap the attached card and even create your own from the enclosed blank - just let your imagination run wild! 
Where can you trade your cards? Google ATC's or visit

This was a very useful site that I found through Google: