Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I love being a crafter...

...and I was reminded why this weekend.  We were going to a 50th Birthday party (black tie and posh frocks), and I thought it might be nice to put some favours on the tables - the hostess seemed delighted with this idea.  Trouble was, typical me, it was two pm on the day of the party.  But, I have a Big Shot and a lovely smart handbag die (petite purse) and an old pillow box die, so within two hours or so, had produced 20 of each!

I was chuffed, and so was she.  As I said, I love being a crafter!

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  1. The boxes are just stunning Helen! I bet the hostess nearly fell over when you produced these and I'm sure the guests all loved them too! Vicky x


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