Friday, 19 July 2013

Did I mention....

...that there is a brand new super duper Stampin Up Annual Catalogue ?  It was released on the 1st July and there are some truly enticing new products to enjoy.  Over the next few weeks I am going to be introducing some of them to you.

I would like to start with brand new SIMPLY PRESSED CLAY.  Truly, reader, I am blown away by this stuff.  It's a paper-based, light weight clay that dries firm but flexible.  It can be coloured with any SU ink product before or after it has set. The feel of it is extraordinary: very light and soft, sticks strongly to itself without leaving sticky on your hands, and holds its shape well, whether from a mould and or hand modelled.  I like to think I have quite a good eye on the craft market, but yet again I am surprised by a wonderful product from SU. So I set to exploring what could be done, and have had a ball, come and have a look ------->

First and foremost, I guess this fabulous stuff was designed to make embellishments, so Stampin Up have also supplied a set of two silicone moulds: buttons and roses, and they are lovely!  You can mix in a bit of ink (optional), press it into a mould and gently pop it out. Leave to dry and you can then add other surface effects if you want.  Here's a great video illustrating this, take it away, Dawn...

I have also tried the clay in other silicone moulds and it works great with them too.  I even tried making a mould by pressing a charm into two part silicone,  and the clay worked great in that too.

I was already a happy bunny, but what I've discovered today has made me a Very. Happy. Bunny. You can put the coloured clay into your little piping bag and pipe it - just like icing.  Look!

I can see ice cream earrings, mini cup cakes, all sorts, just watch this space!

You can make cute little flowers with clay petals, anything you could make with icing, reader. Except it's less messy and has more coherence so can be even finer.

Once your piece has dried, you can cut it with scissors, colour it, glitter it, emboss it, make holes in it..., reader you can do virtually anything with it. Oh, except you shouldn't eat it, even though it is non-toxic.

Now I also recently saw a question about making millefiori canes with this clay.  These are the canes you can make with glass or fimo, a bit like candy rock, that you slice up.  I must admit I thought it would not be sticky enough, or firm enough to slice, but I was advised that putting the clay in the freezer for a while made it firmer.  So, very excitedly I made a really quick slapdash cane to see if it works... and Hooray!  it does:
There are lots of tutorials for making gorgeous canes - they use polymer clay, but I'm sure they would work perfectly with this clay too, and it doesn't even need baking (search for "polymer clay canes", but don't blame me if you're still watching an hour later!)

I love how Brandi has squished some clay into a framelit heart with a stampin block and then lightly stamped on it to produce a lovely heart embellishment or pendant, and here she is doing it...

I hope you can see now why I'm so excited about this stuff! It comes in packs of 68g which doesn't sound much but it is extremely light, and you only need the tiniest amount so it goes a long, long, way - I have barely made a dent in mine and have played a lot already. So pick up the phone, dial 01737 762078, and order some from me today:

130685 £6.25 Simply Pressed Clay 68g
131272 £7.25 Simply Pressed Buttons and Blossoms Moulds


  1. PHENOMENAL post Helen!!!!! LOVE all of the projects - especially the adorable colorful cane and the icing!!!! I've been playing with the clay myself and I'm loving it! :) Thanks for all the creative inspiration!!!!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I just love that you only need to buy white, and can colour it to match ANY stampin up project!

  2. I love crafting as you know Helen but I've not really been that excited about the clay. Your excitement is getting to me though and I can see that I'm going to love it to bits any time now! Vicky x


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