Friday, 30 August 2013

Have you ever tried an on-line class?

In September 2009 I started my papercrafting journey with a class called "Learn Something New Everyday".  It's a life enhancing daily journal workshop that you can scrapbook or leave plain (I don't have to tell you what I'll be doing!  Plain - what's that?).  Shimelle, who runs the class, offers lots of suggestions including daily emails through September and you have access to a forum where you can share what you are doing (or just spy on everyone else's books!).  There's no marking or evaluation, it's just for you, for fun.

My first LSNED was 2009, my second was 2011, it's definitely time for another one!  The first one took me ages every day,  but that was partly because it was the first scrapbooking I had ever done, so I was learning a lot and starting from nothing.  For the second one I had a plan!  My book was the exact same size as the photo, one side the photo, the other side some journalling, with a cluster of grungy embellishments.  I precut the pages and pre-selected the embellishments, that I kept in a big biscuit tin, and pre-made the numbers. The setup took a couple of hours but then it really did take only 15 minutes a day. I remembered to work out how I was going to bind the pages before I started - this has been my biggest mistake in the past, and it is really crucial when you come to finishing your project!

For this year, I love Shimelle's idea of polaroid-style photos, I'm thinking maybe tucked into pretty paper pockets? (there HAS to be pretty paper...) .  £10 will buy you access to the class this year and in the future. Watch this space for occasional updates on this truly enriching project and hop on over to Shimelle's to read more!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my Timmy Adventure, still finding homes for the new stash and I made an order this morning too. Loved using his tools so just...... I think you get the gist. BJ

    1. Still jealous! Do you think you might try lsned this year? I reckon it would be right up your street and a good use to put your new supplies to?

  2. This sounds fun Helen - can't wait to see what you get up to! Vicky x


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