Saturday, 28 December 2013

Time to confess... an accidental crime!

So: we spent a wonderful Boxing Day being thoroughly fed and entertained by my sister in law Katie in the West Country.  We had a delicious full-on family Christmas lunch, the house was gorgeously christmassy, we had a great day and even left our daughters at her house while we trotted off for a quiet night at mum- and dad- in law's. THEN the lovely Katie took the girls on a mammoth shopping trip to spend their Christmas money, and LEFT US AT HOME TO RELAX. As you'd expect we're super-grateful, and when we came to pick the girls up from their Auntie's this morning, we thanked her and her partner profusely, loaded up the car with all the girls' stuff and then dashed off for our two and a half hour drive home to meet a deadline.

Except when we got home we got a call from said devoted Auntie Katie.  "I thought I'd have a lovely turkey sandwich, so I went to the plastic box outside the door to get some, and it had gone...." she said, sadly. Guess where it was? Somehow, it had found its way into our car boot and was at that moment in aforementioned plastic box sitting on our kitchen table, in the company of all the remaining cheese from the cheese course as well ... Imagine my guilt!

So this is a public confession, and apology, all in one.  So very sorry Katie, I hope you can forgive us for being such idiots!

Love from Helen xxxxx

PS, Guess what we had for lunch?  Turkey stir fry ...  errrm, it was nice .... ?

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Sitting... the fairy-light-lit sitting room watching my daughters playing Twenga (a combination of Twister and Jenga) one dressed as a dinosaur, the other a koala bear.  I myself am sporting a penguin onesie and drinking bucks fizz even though it isn't even noon yet. 

What other day could it be?

Wishing you a lovely day full of laughter and love (and good food of course!), and looking forward to sharing crafting fun with you next year. xxx

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Aawww, look... these little lovelies!

These two little monsters are the stars of Stampin'Up's "A whole lot of Love" new release available till February.  Yes, yes, I know we haven't even done Christmas yet but we crafters need to be ahead don't we, and it's not as if hearts and cute party favours aren't part of Christmas too!  Here's the whole - "Whole lot of love" offering:

I love that large heart and the Eiffel Tower set too...  Do check it all out on, and give me a call to order.  Whenever I can I will combine orders to reduce postage for you - get in touch to find out when I'm putting in my next order...