Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Today I learned...

... about a concept in graphic design that I'd never heard of in quite some years of extensive blog hopping: Trapped White Space.  Now, please forgive me if you already know about this (I know some of my readers have degrees in graphic design, so special apols to them!).  This concept clarified a lot about what works and what doesn't in page and card layouts for me, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Basically, "Trapped White Space" is where your design creates a dead-end patch of plain space between the design elements, that stops the flow of the eye and creates a meaningless focal point. Here's an example from Joey at

(By the way I'm not picking on her, she highlights this as the problem herself)

I have trawled the internet for a technical explanation, and the best I've found with relevance to card/scrapbook design is by the inspiring Susan Raihala here, which was where I found out about it in the first place!  Here's the essence of it:

Trapped white space illustrated (it sort of blocks the eye)

... fixed (opens out delightfully)!

In case you are not familiar with her "Simplicity" blog, Susan is a big fan of white space and often shows really useful before and afters like this, which is so generous of her.  Why not check it out?

It would be great if you could share any posts or other examples below...

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas... and all. This is one of the cards I sent this year, I just love the snow themed white on white, inspired by Sarah Sagert's beautiful framed art, that I featured here.

I used a few of some precut "Joy"s but I ran out and I don't have a "joy" die cut.  Then I remembered I had a "jolly", so I just cut that out of glitter paper and removed the ll's.  Sorted!

I hope you are having a lovely holiday. x

Friday, 19 December 2014

Maybe it's me...

... or is "bokeh" everywhere at the moment?  In case it's not come up on your radar, it's originally a camera filter effect meaning "blur" that makes a pretty shape with all the lights, quite often circles but you can use other filters too, like this star filter pinned by Byulcho Hwang:
☆  ★  ☆    Stars, stars, stars... Oh...I will have to make a star filter for my camera this year!

I noticed that there is an adorable bokeh card in the Stampin Up Project Life Hello December kit, featured for example in Cindy's  Artisan Team post :

Cindy laments that there is only one of these designs in the kit, and I can see why, it is so pretty. Well, my little crafting ears pricked up and I decided to investigate how to create the bokeh effect on cards, and here's what I discovered:

Stencil method
Make a circle stencil by cutting circles into card or acetate using punches or dies.  Sponge white pigment ink through the stencil (eg SU's craft ink) until the card is covered. Remember to give it time to dry.  I suggest dabbing your sponge rather than rubbing, because rubbing gives a bit of a "rim" round the circle that I personally don't like much.
Stamp method
Stamp with a variety of circle stamps or round sponger/daubers with pigment ink. I've even seen it done with the little round eraser on the end of a pencil. Consider doing several stampings before re-inking, or stamping "off" first to get a variety of depth of colour.
Vellum method
Cut circles out of vellum and layer them up on top of your design. You can colour the vellum circles in pastels too if you want.

In all of these methods:
A blurry background, made with watercolours or sponging etc, works well as does an ombre one.
You can overlap the circles with each other, and over the edges of the card
You can do the circles [or other shapes] all the same size, or if you do mixed sizes, do the bigger circles first, applying smaller circles with more/darker shades of ink
Aim for odd numbers especially of the bigger circles
You could add some pretty sprinkled glitter/embossing powder on some of the circles...
If you want multiple colours on a dark background like fairy lights on a tree, try stamping white first then over-stamping with colours.  To avoid the colours smudging be sure to heat-dry your layers.

Do you know of any other "bokeh" paper techniques?  Please do post below, and look out for an example on this blog soon...

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Things that make my heart sing...

... part 2.

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's non-crafty post, I just love that little chap!

Today I saw this beautiful, beautiful piece of paper art.  It's easily achievable without being simplistic, and it made me smile when I saw it.  I love the layers of silver/translucent and white, and the pop of gold.  I can see this as a wedding gift too, It's from Sarah Sagert's Stampin Up blog, and it's part of the excellent weekly Artisan Blog Hop...

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My Christmas message to you...

,,, would have been sincere and probably rather boring, but this young man has said it all and made my day, so take a break from Christmas stuff and I hope it makes your day too! 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Yum, gingerbread...

...right?  Wrong!  It's a quickie post today about this cute "biscuit" I made for the tree.  I just took some Simply Pressed Clay by StampinUp, smooshed in a bit of mixed spice/ginger/cinnamon and a few drops of tangerine tango and crumb cake re-inkers, rolled it out and stamped it with a house from my holiday home stamp set.  I used a craft knife to trim it down, poked a hole in it, and let it dry overnight.

Nearly ate it a couple of times before hanging it safely on the tree!  It smells lovely too.

There are so many card making possibilities here, and especially for puns, any thoughts?

Monday, 8 December 2014

My spiral flower wreath...

....has gone all "Christmas".

When I first saw this post on pinterest and started this project I thought it would make a pretty Easter Wreath...then maybe an autumn birthday... then maybe Hallowe'en.  But I am a bit of a dreamer and tend to create more in my head than in the real world, so it was only today that I finally finished something worthy of the front door! I made the wreath out of some pages of an antique dictionary I found in a charity shop, which I cut with the brilliant Spiral Flower Bigz cutter from StampinUp.  This one ended up with over 100 hand rolled roses, secured with the brilliantly sticky tombow glue, and as I finished it I realised I had just the embellishment for it: my beautiful "Peace" ornament made for me by Michelle from Denver for Christmas 2012.  I think they look like they were made for each other, what do you say?

Luckily, this wreath is repurposable; I will be able to replace the beautiful embellishment and hopefully re-use the wreath base for many seasons to come!

Felting fun...

...last Saturday afternoon with a group of four lovely ladies, introducing them to felting. Everyone made a piece of flat felt to turn into flower corsages and two white beads that got turned into a snowman tree ornament.  Here are the pieces they made, we were really pleased how they came out! I just love the little snowmen and they are so easy to achieve.  The layers on the flowers are so effective, and I couldn't resist adding my favourite needle felted teacup to the photo too!

This event was organised for a birthday party (there was cake, yum!), why not consider it for your next significant event?

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tuesday's Christmas Luminary class...

...was a great way to start the Christmas season.  We had mulled wine and gingerbread biscuits, and enjoyed creating lovely tea light shades with the super versatile "Holiday Home" stamp set from Stampin Up.  The nice thing about this project is that there's a bit of everything - stamping, colouring, paper piercing, die cutting, glittering...   And my favourite part of running a crafting session is that whatever you suggest, people will add in their own creative touches with flair, and this project was no exception. Several ladies chose to use different houses, one added a gorgeous snowy tree, another the cutest snowman, just look at these....

Jenny used a single tree from the row of trees in the "Lovely as a Tree" stamp set, and sparkled it up with some silvery Dazzling Details
And Lesley added this cute little snowman from the "Holiday Home" set sitting in front of the houses, coloured in with the wonderfully useful signo white gel pen.

And here are the lovely ladies who came to the class.  It's not a flattering picture, sorry ladies, but at least you can see that we have a laugh!

We had such a happy time chatting and crafting, I hope to welcome some new guests in the new year, maybe it will be you? - check out the events page above!

I started my Christmas journal yesterday, which is always a sign that I have embraced the inevitability of Christmas (hope to be photographing more of this once there's enough to actually show!  I was wondering when Christmas starts for you, and with what?

Get in touch on 07814 918232 to order any of these products or check out the catalogues at

Monday, 17 November 2014

Beautiful Autumn colours...

... don't suit me to wear, but I really do love seeing them at this time of year.  I enjoyed the oranges and reds of my previous post so much, I thought I'd play with the large "thanks" stamp from the Seasonally Scattered set:

I considered colouring the stamp with markers, but decided in the end it would take too long and I went with the "baby wipe inking method".  It's probably not called that, but that's what it is in my head anyway.  Just put a few baby wipes in a pile on a waterproof surface and select a few colours from your re-inkers.  I used  pumpkin pie, daffodil delight, tangerine tango,and real red.  Drop on some random blobs over the centre of your baby wipe with each colour. I think I did about 7 blobs of each. It doesn't matter if they don't quite join, as they will spread when you press down the stamp on the baby wipe pad.  Test it first to make sure you're getting the desired effect, adjust, then stamp away.  I got about 10 impressions out of one baby wipe pad - it's not because it dries out, but because the blobs all blend into one colour and the effect is not differentiated enough. I made 10 different but similar cards:

I discovered the edges of the stamp are great for decorating the edge of the card too!  They are brighter than the photo IRL but I'm not very good with the camera!  I also lined three of the red cards:

Friday, 14 November 2014

Inspired again... StampinUp's best upline!

I got a charming birthday card last week from lovely Vicky, isn't it pretty?

I found myself wondering how she stamped the background until I realised it is current designer paper.  But by then it was too late! I had set my mind to working out how to produce similar paper by stamping.  There is a super pretty little bunch of leaves in the Holiday Home polymer stamp set but they are in such a tight group I couldn't see how to get the colours different without an awful lot of individual colouring.  In a moment of inspiration I realised yet another benefit to photopolymer!  I simply cut them up and mounted them like this: 
Then I just stamped away in a series of different autumn colours, being sure to rotate the block to avoid a pattern appearing.   I was really pleased with my own personal "DSP":

Now I have to be extra careful not to loose the stamps as they are very small.  I heard a tip yesterday that I will pass on to you:  as soon as you break open your stamps, use an ink that will permanently stain them even after cleaning so that you can see them when they go astray!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Use it or lose it...

... think Big.

Ok, esteemed reader, put your hand up if you have some 12x12 designer paper you don't love.  You know, the stuff that's not in that pile you get out and stroke every so often (other people do that too, right?).  Maybe it's that garish stripe, or the wishy washy geometric print, or the bit that has a rip out of one side?

Oh, you DO have some?  Well, my challenge to you, dear reader, is to use it or lose it!

I had a couple of pieces of 12x12 that just weren't ringing my bell and I was about to dump them, when I thought back to the cards I received on my recent birthday.  They were nearly all quite large, but usually when I make cards, they are small.  Why?  Could it be because I'm a little bit precious with my paper and don't like to actually use it up? As I had no such reservations for my unloved paper, today I chopped it up and used it to make lovely big A5 cards instead of the usual A6. Two sympathy cards out of some black and white butterfly damask-y paper, two birthdays out of a very loud stripe.  I easily found some StampinUp matching A4 cardstock to matt and mount them, a bit of ribbon and a greeting, and ta da, some nice big cards.  These two are mounted on one of the new in-colours, "hello honey", a lovely warm yellow:

Guess what?  Turns out I rather like the paper now that it's on the cards!

Thanks for coming, do visit tomorrow for another designer paper related post!

Helen xxx

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Many Merry Stars...

...part 2.

Q: What is better than crafting?

A: Crafting with chocolate, durrr.

You may recall my post about SU's super Many Merry Stars kit recently.  I ran a class using this brilliant kit with my lovely Monday ladies yesterday.  Each one got 5 stars, one of each size and colour, to make up as she wished, either as boxes, 3-d decorations or to keep as stars to stick on cards etc.  They loved the huge selection of embellishments and the stars they made look fab!  There were loads of bits and pieces left over that they took with them, and we were all very sparkly as we left... We split the cost of the kit between them, and I resolved the dilemma of what to do with the biggest star by filling it with choccies and doing a free raffle between those taking part.

I reinforced the base and the lid by cutting 2 large stars out of the packaging that protected the kit, and used some gorgeous washi tape to keep it neat round the edges (thank you lovely Vicky for sending me yours when I ran out xxx)

Would you like to do a Many Merry Stars workshop with me (chocolate included of course)?  Get in touch on 01737 762078

PS There are some good tutorials on youtube such as this one and this one on how to make opening boxes out of this kit, and I have also had success with these simple methods:

1:  A flap in the top (or bottom) of the box. Before you assemble the box, take the top star and select a round or square framelit to fit. Position it in the middle of the star and run them through your Big Shot, but position the top cutting pad only two thirds across the framelit. This way one third of the shape is still in tact.  You will need to add something on the flap to lift it up with as it is such a good fit; a little split pin (brad) works well!  This would be great for an advent calendar project.

2:  Just leave the two flaps of the top point of the star open.  Remove the adhesive strips from both sides and punch holes in the top of the box. Thread thin ribbon through the holes and tie a bow or parcel loop to close.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Happy Birthday to you...

... is playing in the back of my mind right now because I just made a card for a musical friend of mine:

If I could find some washi tape that looks like a keyboard I'd have used that, but as I couldn't, I used my stampin up scoreboard and a pencil! The 18 is glimmer paper cut out with my new and already very useful number die from Stampin Up. Sorry about the gloomy photo, no sunshine for us today!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Many Merry Stars...

Starsfullkit the name of a fabulous new Christmas kit from the new StampinUp catalogue supplement.  It makes a full 26 decorated dimensional stars in loads of different sizes.   The kit is pre-cut and makes lovely ornaments that will stand up on their own or hang from your tree etc. You can also use 2 matching stars from the kit to make an opening box, ideal for packaging Christmas gifts of all sizes. You could stack them and make a little christmas tree pile, even serve little food treats in them.  I'm also thinking that you could make advent bunting, putting little gifts or messages inside and tying the top of each box with string - oh MY, I've just sold myself a SECOND set!!! There are loads of die cut embellishments and your left over bits will come in handy too for punching your own shapes, especially that glimmer gold, or using as stencils for the Christmas season (I'm thinking the words will be brilliant sponged through onto cards) or even as templates for making more stars.  This kit will keep you, friends and kids happy in the making, with plenty of room for creativity, and the stars will become one of those Christmas favourites you love to unpack every year.

All that potential fun and decoration for is only £23.95 and the largest star is a whopping 38.1cm in diameter, so can certainly stand alone on your mantelpiece, and the smallest ones are a dinky 5.1 cm. The whole kit would be great for giving as a gift too and see what else you can do! I have fallen in love with the idea of a wreath like Erica's on my front door this Christmas...

Give me a call to order this incredibly versatile kit today 07814918232 or email ,, but don't delay, as stock is limited.


Get making - there is so much potential here! I recommend Tombow glue for attaching embellishments etc...
many merry stars simply created kit

Sunday, 26 October 2014

A surprise Harry Potter cake...

...was produced for my elder daughter's 18th birthday recently by the 16 year old daughter.  I had no hand in it, except to very unhelpfully reflect that cake decorating was much harder than it looks.   I genuinely gasped with impressed surprise when I saw this:

The rocks are made of marshmallow rice crispy cake covered with icing, and the rest is carved madeira cake iced and decorated with black icing pen.  The Hogwarts 18th Birthday cake has gone down in family history and now in BlogLand!  Well done Amy.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sweet little night light screens...

...using the lovely new StampinUp polymer stamp set Holiday Home.

Boy have I been having fun! It all started with some screens posted by the charming Paula Knall that used the "Lovely as a Tree" stamp set.  I thought they were great, but I don't have that stamp set (I know, what am I thinking?) and I wondered how it would look with a little row of houses, and if the Father Christmas stamp was silhouetted against the moon.  Once I'd started I couldn't stop, and I was piercing holes in the black backing for stars, spattering with shimmer paint, adding snow with white gel pen, embossing lamp posts etc.  After a few attempts, I am very pleased with the outcome!  You need to use battery operated tea lights (not real flame) and I realised after taking this pic that really I need two little lights stacked on top of each other in order to light up both the "moon and stars" and the houses, so I made a vellum stand to raise the second candle.

If you're interested to know how to make this, or to buy the StampinUp products needed to make it, please do get in touch via the comments, or my email!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Project Life-style scrapbooking...

...appealed to me as soon as I saw it!  What's more, StampinUp has recently created an exclusive Project Life line for SU customers, and I love it to bits.

I have enjoyed scrapbooking since I first came across it in 2009 and my albums and journals are the one thing I would rescue from a fire (after my family of course!).   So when one of my dearest friends had her 50th birthday party recently, it seemed like a great opportunity for a page, and as it was going to be very photo heavy, I decided the super-versatile and quick pocket system would be ideal.  Here it is:

You get a variety of different combinations of pockets but this particular one was perfect and helped me to decide how to do the layout too.  You get a great set of journalling cards that all coordinate with each other so it was easy to pick a selection that worked together, and then extract some of the elements for little embellishments too.  It was quick, and less angst-y than some pages I have done, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

We try to get a photo of the three of us whenever we can (the first one was in 1986 I believe), but we can never remember what order we're supposed to be in!  I feel very old, but I apparently still haven't learned how not to "gurn" in photos...

Would you like to have a go at Project Life scrapbooking?  Then come along to Paper Playground at my house, usually on the 4th Tuesday of the month!  See the events tab for details.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Geisha Girl Punch Art Instructions...

...first, here's a reminder of where we're going:

Here is the cutting guide (doesn't it look creepy?). The instructions are underneath.

Cut 2 black circles approx  3.5 cm.  Cut one in half and cut a notch out of one of the halves (this is the fringe). Discard the other half. Trim a little bit off the other circle (this is the bobbed hair)
Punch 1 skin coloured 2" oval (stampin up's extra large oval punch). Cut in half across the short middle.  Lay this half onto the bobbed hair to make the face, and lay the fringe on top. You may need to trim the half-oval as shown in the diagram to make it sit right under the fringe).
Cut 1 small black circle approx 1 cm (I used StampinUp's owl punch largest circle), stick it to the back of the bob to make a top knot. Set the head aside.
Cut 1 black large oval for the body.
Cut 2 patterned paper ovals from the same patterned or coloured paper for the kimono.  Fold both pieces long ways.  Cut one paliece on the fold into a very shallow curve to make the two sides of the kimono, and stick to body. Trim a thin piece off the bottom of the kimono/body to suggest the hem. Cut 1 word window shape from a paper that goes with your patterned paper. Glue it over the kimono, higher than the waist, to make the sash
Cut the other (folded over) oval across the middle, to make the sleeves
Cut 2 skin coloured word window shapes.  Cut both in half to make hands and feet.  Add one "hand" to each sleeve and stick the sleeves to the body.  Add two feet to the bottom of the kimono to make feet.
Assemble the girl: Stick the arms to the body and then the chin to the body.  I used Tombow glue which gives you a few seconds to adjust the positioning.
Add touches as you see fit - flip flops, eyes and mouth, chopsticks in the hair, flower embellishments, bling, buttons etc, to make the design your own, and use her in a card of your choice..,
And finally...
Post a photo of your geisha girl and show a link below so we can all admire her!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hello stranger...'s been ages.  Thank you for still checking in!  My fault of course - I have got out of the swing of blogging, mostly because I have had lot of trouble with my camera but am too tight to replace it because it does sort of work sometimes.  But yesterday I was gripped with a passion to create something and I'm thrilled with the result.

As you may have noticed I love a bit of punch art and I saw a super-cute little geisha girl on PInterest.  I tracked it down as far as Aussie SU demo Kylie Bertucci, who in turn credits her sister-in-law Angela with the idea, but there is no further link or instructions.  I immediately started experimenting, and also set to Googling geisha art and images and have come up with this cute little lady.   For starters I have used her for a good luck card - several people I know have offspring going to Japan to teach. I thought she looked like she might be making a wish as her eyes were closed, so I used a "make a wish" sentiment from my stash and the little airplane from the SU set called Around the World.

I used three punches: Stampin Up's large oval, StampinUp's Word Window and a round punch for the hair.  This little design such a good way of using up small scraps of designer paper, and lots of potential for changing her "look".  

Hope you like her, the instructions will be in my next post!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tarting up my crafting storage...

... shouldn't really be a priority, but we crafters all understand that part of the joy of crafting is ORGANISING our stuff, right?  And we are due a brand new Stampin' Up annual catalogue on July 1st, so I have been making some space in my little crafting island from

While I was doing this, I decided it looked way too functional for our traditional Victorian home.  So I decided to go vintage and spent a joyful few hours cutting grungy collage style papers to fit all the little drawers.  I used my Stampin Up envelope punch board to cut out the spaces for the little handles, and round the edges, it made what could have looked quite messy into a very neat job.  Then I edged the papers all round with Stampin Up crumb cake ink to finish it off.

Then I was looking for a cool way to label the drawers, aiming for a sort of apothecary drawer effect.
Believe it or not,  I made it by cutting stampin up's gold card into 2.5cm x 10cm strips, and used the scalloped square punch like this:


Here's how it turned out

(I got this great idea from Mary-Ellen Stites' website

I am so pleased with the final result; here's before:

...and after:

How do you store your crafting stuff?  I'd love to see a piccy, just put a link into the comments section...

When I bought this unit my aim was to reduce my craft materials so that they all fit inside this unit. Ha! What was I thinking?  I have a whole wardrobe and large drawer upstairs still stuffed to the gills!  So much for good intentions...

Monday, 5 May 2014

Laughed out loud...

... at this pin, kindly sent to me by my matey Jen-down-the-road.  It's pinned from this site.

Love it, hope you love it too:

As I type this, I am turning over in my mind what else I can make with these words - ANY IDEAS?

Monday, 28 April 2014

I have been on a card-making bender...

... this weekend, trying to distract myself from my hunger and the urge to snack caused by "the diet". It's been good all round really, because I am losing weight as if it was melting off, and producing cards at the same time.  As I stand up while crafting you might even say I was doing some light exercise. Hurrah!

This one's for a little boy I know who really loves his lego.  It used a lot of Stampin' Dimensional edge bits trimmed to fit, let me tell you!  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and have even written his name on each tiny little circle.

Guess which birthday it is!  Hee Hee. If I do one of these again (and I might, because I got carried away on fasting energy and made lots and lots of the squares) I will do it on a more interesting background, maybe a lightly stamped one sheet wonder, or a stripe.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Haven't blogged much lately...

... I seem to have been too busy one way and another.  One of the projects keeping me busy has been this new quilt, this time specifically destined to cover my spare room bed which doubles as a sofa (and general dumping ground, obviously).  Here it is, finished at last:

I used a selection of fabrics from the "noteworthy" collection by sweetwater for Moda - I just love the doodling fabric on the back. Just as well it's busy because I made a few boobs with the machine quilting - I much prefer to quilt by hand even though it takes longer...

If you live in the area (Redhill, Surrey), why not come along to my friendly quilting club? We meet 3rd Tuesdays, from 7:30.  See the tab at the top of this blog for more details, or give me a call..

In last week's card class...

...I introduced two different techniques that we used to make this card:

First we sprayed A4 white cardstock with a mixture of Ink Refill and Surgical Spirit (US translation: Rubbing Alcohol).  I have to tell you it smelled great in there by the time we'd finished!  We completed the paper by drying thoroughly with a heat tool and stroking with the embossing buddy to remove static. Then we stamped the gorgeous Swallowtail Butterfly with versamark and embossed with a choice of embossing powder.  As it happened, this was a scratch piece that we had used behind some other pieces, but it was too nice to waste so I quickly stamped on that one as I was clearing up!  As we'd used stampin up's melon mambo re-inker it was a no-brainer to decide what colour card to mount it on!

As always my lovely ladies came up with lots of variations of colour and layouts, including blending the ink colours, and black embossing, all very effective. I can see that this stamp is going to be extremely useful.

PS you might want to wear some disposable gloves if you're trying this at home - unless you're like me and don't mind inky fingers.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Anything but clothes...

... was the dress code for my daughter's rag week costume day today.  And she really pulled it out of the bag by making herself an actual dress out of superhero wrapping paper!  Really?  What a brilliant idea, I thought, so I had to share it with you.  Here she is packing her bag for school, could you even believe it's paper?

I made her a little hairband out of the same paper and a tiara band at the last minute too.  And by the way, don't worry, she had a little outfit out of actual fabric on underneath too!


Saturday, 1 March 2014

A pinch and a punch...'s the first of the month!

And on (or near!) the first day of every month I like to have a look at the birthdays that are coming up and decide what cards and gifts I will need.  Stampin Up has masses of products that make great gifts, so today I thought I'd pick a selection of three really easy and good value craft-y gifts you might like to give to your nearest and dearest.  Please get in touch to order any of these on 07814 918232, and check out the giveaway at the bottom of this page.

First, the super new Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit
So, you give someone this easy and complete card kit to have some fun with, and they end up with 20 (yes twenty) cards to send, thereby also saving themselves the price of twenty cards.  The way I see it, it's like you gave them two presents!  What's more, they get loads of stuff they can re-use even once their kit is finished: a versatile stamp set, an acrylic block, an ink pad, and likely a good selection of left over accessories.

All this only costs £17.95, a small price to pay for the enjoyment of at least 21 people!  Here are 20 cards they could typically make out of the kit, but of course they can make anything they like!

Second, the beautiful "This and That" scrapbooks
I have had such fun with my one of these, they are so pretty, I truly cannot imagine a female from 5 years upward who wouldn't enjoy them. These spiral bound books of beautiful designer cardstock are just begging for the lucky recipient to decorate/stick onto/write in as the whim takes them.  Recipe book, wedding planner, journal, scrapbook, holiday memories, photo album, studio notebook, you name it!  There are two in the range at the moment, "Epic Day" and "Retro Fresh", and they come with a pair of sweet envelopes, and pockets for storing extra bits and pieces in.  See how pretty:

Retro Fresh (journal)

Epic Day

A genuine bargain at only £9.95 and why not throw in a lovely accessory (stickers, clips, washi tape, rotary stamp) that coordinates perfectly too:

Epic Day Sticker Pack

Third, but not least, a gorgeous memory keeping album kit

I love it and will have a finished one to show you really soon.

SUper special offer

As it happens, you can have these three* great gifts to give or keep for just £45.35+postage, which also entitles you to a free gift (worth as much as £17.95), if you order before 31st March 2014.  See what you can get free, or choose a bundle, all from the Sale-a-Bration brochure, or make up your own order from the main catalogues and choose a freebie for every £45 you spend.

My two on-trend favourite freebies:

The gorgeous Heartfelt banner kit


The mini Banner punch (coordinates with a free stamp set too!)

I hope to hear from you soon.  xxxx

* The £45.35 bundle includes:
A choice of journal (epic day/retro fresh) (£9.95)
A journal accessory such as stickers (£4.95)
A Hip hip hooray card kit (£17.95)
The mini album kit (£12.50)