Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Geisha Girl Punch Art Instructions...

...first, here's a reminder of where we're going:

Here is the cutting guide (doesn't it look creepy?). The instructions are underneath.

Cut 2 black circles approx  3.5 cm.  Cut one in half and cut a notch out of one of the halves (this is the fringe). Discard the other half. Trim a little bit off the other circle (this is the bobbed hair)
Punch 1 skin coloured 2" oval (stampin up's extra large oval punch). Cut in half across the short middle.  Lay this half onto the bobbed hair to make the face, and lay the fringe on top. You may need to trim the half-oval as shown in the diagram to make it sit right under the fringe).
Cut 1 small black circle approx 1 cm (I used StampinUp's owl punch largest circle), stick it to the back of the bob to make a top knot. Set the head aside.
Cut 1 black large oval for the body.
Cut 2 patterned paper ovals from the same patterned or coloured paper for the kimono.  Fold both pieces long ways.  Cut one paliece on the fold into a very shallow curve to make the two sides of the kimono, and stick to body. Trim a thin piece off the bottom of the kimono/body to suggest the hem. Cut 1 word window shape from a paper that goes with your patterned paper. Glue it over the kimono, higher than the waist, to make the sash
Cut the other (folded over) oval across the middle, to make the sleeves
Cut 2 skin coloured word window shapes.  Cut both in half to make hands and feet.  Add one "hand" to each sleeve and stick the sleeves to the body.  Add two feet to the bottom of the kimono to make feet.
Assemble the girl: Stick the arms to the body and then the chin to the body.  I used Tombow glue which gives you a few seconds to adjust the positioning.
Add touches as you see fit - flip flops, eyes and mouth, chopsticks in the hair, flower embellishments, bling, buttons etc, to make the design your own, and use her in a card of your choice..,
And finally...
Post a photo of your geisha girl and show a link below so we can all admire her!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hello stranger...

...it's been ages.  Thank you for still checking in!  My fault of course - I have got out of the swing of blogging, mostly because I have had lot of trouble with my camera but am too tight to replace it because it does sort of work sometimes.  But yesterday I was gripped with a passion to create something and I'm thrilled with the result.

As you may have noticed I love a bit of punch art and I saw a super-cute little geisha girl on PInterest.  I tracked it down as far as Aussie SU demo Kylie Bertucci, who in turn credits her sister-in-law Angela with the idea, but there is no further link or instructions.  I immediately started experimenting, and also set to Googling geisha art and images and have come up with this cute little lady.   For starters I have used her for a good luck card - several people I know have offspring going to Japan to teach. I thought she looked like she might be making a wish as her eyes were closed, so I used a "make a wish" sentiment from my stash and the little airplane from the SU set called Around the World.

I used three punches: Stampin Up's large oval, StampinUp's Word Window and a round punch for the hair.  This little design such a good way of using up small scraps of designer paper, and lots of potential for changing her "look".  

Hope you like her, the instructions will be in my next post!