Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Many Merry Stars...

...part 2.

Q: What is better than crafting?

A: Crafting with chocolate, durrr.

You may recall my post about SU's super Many Merry Stars kit recently.  I ran a class using this brilliant kit with my lovely Monday ladies yesterday.  Each one got 5 stars, one of each size and colour, to make up as she wished, either as boxes, 3-d decorations or to keep as stars to stick on cards etc.  They loved the huge selection of embellishments and the stars they made look fab!  There were loads of bits and pieces left over that they took with them, and we were all very sparkly as we left... We split the cost of the kit between them, and I resolved the dilemma of what to do with the biggest star by filling it with choccies and doing a free raffle between those taking part.

I reinforced the base and the lid by cutting 2 large stars out of the packaging that protected the kit, and used some gorgeous washi tape to keep it neat round the edges (thank you lovely Vicky for sending me yours when I ran out xxx)

Would you like to do a Many Merry Stars workshop with me (chocolate included of course)?  Get in touch on 01737 762078

PS There are some good tutorials on youtube such as this one and this one on how to make opening boxes out of this kit, and I have also had success with these simple methods:

1:  A flap in the top (or bottom) of the box. Before you assemble the box, take the top star and select a round or square framelit to fit. Position it in the middle of the star and run them through your Big Shot, but position the top cutting pad only two thirds across the framelit. This way one third of the shape is still in tact.  You will need to add something on the flap to lift it up with as it is such a good fit; a little split pin (brad) works well!  This would be great for an advent calendar project.

2:  Just leave the two flaps of the top point of the star open.  Remove the adhesive strips from both sides and punch holes in the top of the box. Thread thin ribbon through the holes and tie a bow or parcel loop to close.


  1. Thanks so much for showing some ideas for how to create openings in the boxes Helen! My kit arrived yesterday and I am currently sat in my living room playing with it! :)
    Lizy xx

    1. Hi Lizy and thank you for commenting
      I hope you had fun with your kit this evening - I'd love it if you put a link here to what you did with your stars...


  2. LOVING this kit Helen! Thank you for sharing your useful tips too. Vicky x


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