Friday, 23 January 2015

Lampworking (glass bead making) lessons ...

... have been a popular Christmas gift this year and I ran two separate sessions recently. My Introduction to Lampworking half-day is a great way to explore this brilliant hobby, and get a lovely set of beads to keep. You can come on your own, or bring a friend or guest, and you get to learn how to make a basic round (ish) bead, pull a stringer, make dots on a bead and shape a bead using various methods.  At the end, you'll have made at least 8 beads plus the ones I made during the demos and I will also make you a selection of coordinating spacers..  After they're fired I'll send them to you temporarily strung into a metal bracelet so you can show them off straight away!

Here are the ones that Katrina and her husband made when they came for her birthday treat:

...and yesterday Monike came for the morning and made this lovely set of bright beads all ready for spring.  Here they are still on their mandrels about to be soaked, but they are now cleaned, temporarily strung into a pretty bracelet and posted!

Monike is in the area on holiday from Canada and was looking for something exciting to do for the day - what a good way that would be to keep your visitors happy!

Please get in touch to book a lampworking session, it is £58 for the session (three hours or so) whether there are one or two people.

I really love teaching lampworking so I hope to see you soon


  1. This looks so much fun!!!! One if these days I need to come there and take your class!!!! :)

  2. They are SO stunning and you are a brilliant teacher! Vicky x


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