Sunday, 22 February 2015

An ink technique with the WOW factor ...

... is guaranteed to excite me, so I was very pleased to come across Shaving Foam Marbling when researching new projects for my crafting groups to try.  It's cheap, simple and really effective.

 Just make a layer of shaving foam on a baking tray or flat dish, drop on some ink colours (I used StampinUp re-inkers) and swirl them artistically (or randomly, it will still look great).  When you're happy with the look of them, lay a piece of paper on the top, press down gently, leave for a few seconds, then lift off.  When you wipe off the foam, you will have a lovely print underneath.  You can then take more prints until the ink goes too smudgy, when you can throw the foam away and start again.

I first tried this with ordinary white card stock, but then I had the very lucky idea of trying this with photographic paper (very cheap nowadays from the pound shop), and Oh. My. Goodness!  The colours came out fabulously vivid and the glossy finish just made them sing!  If you've done marbling but not tried it with glossy photo paper, I'd really suggest you have a go.  Here are some of the things my crafting group make last Monday, just snapped on my cheapy phone so not very crisp pictures:

Would you like to try this?  I still have a few places left at Paper Playground at my house in Redhill, next Tuesday 25th February where you can experiment with shaving foam marbling to your heart's content, and then use one of the pieces for your greetings card make-and-take. Please phone me to book a place.

Hope to see you then... xxx


  1. Helen, you always make me want to have a go at your ideas! Someone seems to have changed my clock for one with only 12 hours in the day at the moment though, so this project's another one for the back burner! Vicky x

  2. Your puppy and all your amazing creations are keeping you so busy - but when you're ready do have a look at the next post too for more marbling tips. x

  3. I wish I could have been there!!!! These are gorgeous!!!! I'm going to have to try it!!!


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