Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What do you call a fish without an eye?....

...one of my hand made glass fish!

Two lovely sisters called Lisa and Helen came to play with glass on Saturday morning and I had a great time introducing them to the joys of glass bead making.  They made some beauties and after they had gone I set out to make some extras for them.  Then I decided to try one of those little glass sweeties you sometimes see in trays.  I'd just finished the first wrapper twist and it was like it called out to me "I'm a fish, not a sweetie,,,a fish!".  So I had to do that instead!   For the eyes, I just grabbed what I thought was a black rod.  Only it was dark transparent blue.  So he hasn't got proper eyes...

I just realised he hasn't got fins either.  Not so great as fish go, but I feel a little bit attached now.  So, eerrr... what should I call him?


  1. No Idea. (geddit? No eye dear?! Hmm, I'll get my coat!) Vicky x

    1. Like it Vicky! No need to get your coat, sit down and have a cuppa!


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