Monday, 16 February 2015

WIP: A Rainbow quilt....

....has been gestating in my head for a few months since I saw one on a blog but then couldn't locate it again to "pin".  Anyway, I found myself in the neighbourhood of "Eclectic Maker" on Friday so I paid a visit, and got a psychedelic rainbow jelly roll to do my experiment with.  Things are very quiet chez moi at the moment due to daughters doing revision and dh inhabiting the gym, so after lunch I got down to it and by bed time not only had I caught up on all my favourite TV series, but I had a very jolly looking rainbow quilt top.  This afternoon I found some very cute polka dot fabric to do a border and the backing, et voila!

It looks a bit backwards somehow, maybe because I had to stand on a chair to get it all in the photo.

The method worked really well.  I excluded some of the strips, added 2 purples (every rainbow has purple, right?), sewed all the remaining strips into one big square, pressed, folded, then sliced into 2.5" strips.  Then all I had to do was lay the strips out and unpick one seam in each strip so I could stagger each strip by two squares. I have made a scrappy border out of a few left over multicolour strips. By the way it's called "BEST. DAY. EVER." by Moda.

I'll be starting the quilting tomorrow night at my quilting club - would you like to join me?  Only £5 including refreshments and very friendly, hope to see you there,

Helen xx

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